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The excitement didn’t allow the boy to sleep throughout the night. Next day early morning he will take a train to the big city Kolkata for the first time in his life. It was a celebration for the entire family living in a tiny village. Not many of them went to a bigger city to become an engineer that point of time. For the boy, it was primarily a curiosity to experience the world. As the train stopped at Howrah station, it was a time to walk the long suspended bridge over holy river Ganges carrying the civilization for years. The cacophony of various sort of people could not distract the boy to see every detail of the massive bridge, built during British rule. The bridge which connected the boy to cross the river from a village to the city later paved the way to cross multiple oceans to see the world. I am fascinated to witness in the last few years, the change in the world order and felt that there is something gross needed to be done. My pride of success in leading large scale businesses started melting with a rapid shift of scenario.

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